Choose the right Instructor for YOU...

How will you know you have chosen the right instructor for you?


Firstly DO NOT choose an Instructor on price alone, It could cost you more in the long run with a cheaper driving school, Remember the old saying "buy cheap = buy twice", or another one "you get what you pay for"

Not all Instructors are the same, on face value we seem to offer the same product,
But I am different for one I can prove my 81.82% pass rate over a 12 month period (I can show you a document provided by the **DVSA) the UK pass rate is only 43%,  You could be the next to pass first time.

If you think most driving schools are the same, your right. But we are different.
Try us and if you disagree your first lesson is free'?

You will be at a standard of Drive that will take you well beyond what is required for the Driving Test.


Every Learner will receive a Mock Driving test, And as I have been Accredited by the **DVSA you can be sure it is conducted just like the real thing giving YOU an advantage in passing First time (only a few hundred instructors in the UK have this accreditation).

100% satisfaction from current customers.

I stand for 2 things: Your safety, and getting you the Driving licence you want.
You will be using a modern Dual controlled car keeping you safe whilst preparing for your Driving test.

Did you know that on your first lesson I can Book your theory, or Driving test for you?

To summarise 3 reasons why should you choose us:
1. You will learn safe driving skills for life.
2. I want you to pass your tests, just as much as you do.
3. A 3 year driving skills warranty
(after passing your test with me for 3 years you can have a FREE driving assessment to check your driving skills are still up to scratch)

** The DVSA (Driving standards agency) are the governing testing body that will conduct both parts of your tests theory, and driving. (DVSA website)