Your Instructor:

1.       Arrive promptly at the agreed pick up location, unless held up by traffic congestion (The Instructor will still provide the Full hours tuition, or agree an alternative time to provide the time owed)

2.       To arrange for your tuition to take place at times agreed by you, and your Instructor.

3.       Deliver your training in accordance with the DSA syllabus, and to use a record of your progress.

4.       Provide a mock test, either by your Instructor or another approved ADI.

5.       Provide you with a suitable vehicle fully insured for your training, and Practical Driving Test, Unless your Instructor is not satisfied that you have reached the required standard required for the test (Instructors decision is Final).

6.       Provide a car that has never been smoked in.

7.       Only offer one to one tuition (unless asked by you to provide shared training)

8.       Provide various means of paying for lessons (cash, debit/credit card, bank transfer)

9.       Protect any personal data held about  you in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and not to use this Data.

10.    Deal with complaints in a timely and professional manner.

11.    Endeavour to arrange for your lessons to commence, and finish at the agreed locations which are mutually convenient.

12.    Notify you of any changes to prices with at least 4 weeks notice (changes to fuel prices may influence this change).

13.    Provide Theory test training materials.

14.    Not make any physical contact except in circumstances where legal, or safe control of the vehicle is needed.

15.    I take no responsibility for things outside of my control, including but not limited to: Breakdowns, Traffic, DSA cancelling tests due to bad weather, strikes or sickness by the Examiners, in the case of DSA cancelling due to the above we will carry out a normal lesson, and relevant fees will be paid to the Instructor for that time. (if any cancellation is caused by the DSA a claim can be made for out of pocket expenses, including up to 2 hours of instructor's time).


1.       Provide a valid UK driving Licence (Provisional or Full).

2.       Arrive promptly at the agreed pick up location, and notify your Instructor ASAP of any delays in arrival.

3.       Attend all lessons with any necessary corrective lenses/glasses. And be able to read a number plate at the required distance (see highway code rule 92) 

4.       Adhere to Driving instruction given by your Instructor.

5.       Not to smoke in the tuition vehicle (if you require to have a smoke inform your Instructor, so a suitable place can be found)

6.       Ensure you are fit to drive, and not under the influence of any Drugs or Alcohol either prescribed, or illegal which prohibits you driving, otherwise you will still be charged for the FULL lesson amount, An alcohol breathalyser is in the car, If I suspect that you might be under the influence of alcohol I may ask you for a sample of breath, if you refuse to provide a sample, I shall take this as an admission that alcohol maybe in your system, and the lesson will not go ahead, and you will be liable to pay in for the lesson in FULL.

7.       Ensure payments for lessons are made on the day of tuition unless block paying BEFORE the lesson starts.

8.       Provide your Instructor with 48 Hours’ notice of any cancelations otherwise you may still be charged for the lesson in question if late notice is given. (Exceptions are given)

9.       Cancellations sent by txt, voice mail or other messaging system are subject to me receiving the message. Only if I reply will you know I received the txt or voice mail or other. Until that time assume I have not received it. (It is your responsibility to ensure I received it)

10.    Adhere to rules set out by the Highway Code at all times.

11.    Inform your Instructor of any changes of personal details such as change of address, or contact numbers.

12.    Tell us promptly if something is not to your satisfaction in order to minimise any problems with your training.

13. Any vouchers or lesson block payments MUST be used within 6 months of original payment or the fee is forfeited.

14. If you need to finish the lesson early full lesson payment is still due.

15.    Be as committed to your training, as I will be to you.


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